Concept #1

Choreography Balletto Teatro di Torino

Choreography by Balletto Teatro di Torino
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Harp by Federica Magliano
guest: DJ Vittorio Campanella
Creation: ongoing
Length: 45’

available exclusively with live music
(harp, live set, sound design)

CONCEPT # 1 is a dance piece in ongoing transformation. Choreographed by the BTT dancers themselves and in dialogue with live musicians, they build on practices of instant composition and improvisation scores in strong relation with the music.

CONCEPT # 1 revolves around four key principles: Memory, Necessity, Sharing, and Perception. The choreographic and musical materials are  created around these principles, and are presented as dynamic and evolving responses. Each happening is unique. It requires the dancers to be in a particular state of presence, in tension and attention of the moment, and allows them to explore and renew the creative matrix at the core of their personal and artistic path. It highlights the personality of each dancer, and the movement research drive that binds the group together. It is therefore a fundamental nucleus of the new artistic trajectory of BTT Dance Company

CONCEPT # 1 is an ever-changing experiment, inspired by exploring the languages ​​of contemporary dance through a courageous and vulnerable exchange with the public, who can witness an exciting creative process of new choreographic materials.

“Like a dynamic geometry, ever changing and informed by the music. An incredible happening!”