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Home together

HOME_TOGETHER – daily functional and strength training practices on digital platform

Conducts Lisa Mariani, dancer of BTT.


Home together was born during a global emergency and grew with the wish of being together. Its aim is to restore the body, our first home.

“We are at home, but together” was written in one of the first posts.

It is a search for functional efficiency, awareness of one’s potential, muscle strengthening, and stretching conducted through various practices, in constant dialogue with our body flow. 


In these years of continuous personal research, Lisa has had the chance to meet countless teachers, each very different from the other in terms of method, inclination, and approach to the body. She taps into their teachings every day in the attempt of rebalancing a body that is often tried by stress – both physical and mental – and injuries.


“In a period when we all feel suspended, I felt the need to share my inner room with new faces in the attempt of generating new spaces, perceived anatomies, smiles, and listening.”

                                                                                                                                                        – Lisa Mariani


During the lockdown, the project – supported by Balletto Teatro di Torino – donated the money raised through free donations to Italian hospitals (Bergamo, Cremona, Voghera, Torino) and associations battling Covid19 (Specchio dei Tempi, Respira Torino).


The desire to support, give, and share is the backbone of these practices. But this desire needs to be fuelled daily, not only during a lockdown or in extreme situations.


After each class, it is possible to make a free donation via PayPal or Satispay. We suggest a minimum donation of euro 5. The money will help support Home Together and Balletto Teatro di Torino.