N O I   is a layered, wavy, and multifaceted thought that originates from a reflection on the defining traits of creative and humane relationships.

The acronym contains and guards the distinctive character of the project’s profile. It means conceiving creative processes as obstinate and ever-evolving research, full of past and bearing future, supported by a fearless attitude, which gently handles gambles and risks.

It is in the unknown that revelations, epiphanies, and unveilings nest. They are triggered by human and artistic confluences destined to spark creative processes, the outcomes of which are marvelously unpredictable.

NOI takes meticulous care of respect, dialogue, and generosity. These are qualities the researchers involved open-handedly pour into the canals irrigating the lands of creativity.

Seemingly distant entities – bearers of the mix that lends force to BTT’s relevance to the present – boldly merge in NOI.

The authors, teachers, researchers, dancers, and dramatists invited to participate in the project are all linked by a passionate inclination to knowledge, an inborn tension that allows for never-ending conversations and debates.

NOI is a vibrant and polyphonic interweaving of human resources, in which it is not the individual voice that stands out but a collective thought supported by debates that do not overlook any layer of the contemporary creative process.

NOI appears as a shelter where the trepidations that walk alongside us in this eternal climb can find solace.


Marta Ciappina & Viola Scaglione