AL MOMENTO. Schraffur

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BTT has turned 40. Forty years of dance, of continuous research, experimentation, relationships, and collaborations which the Company celebrates with a first online event.

The anniversary – which we should have celebrated on December 14, 2020, at Teatro Carignano, at the end of a year unlike any other – has become a Documentary Film. It is an expression of what remains in time and memory, tangible proof of an art which, even though not live, is ” alive despite everything”. The film marks the start of a journey, which will continue for the whole of 2021, in celebration of the 40 years of the Company.

Al Momento. Schraffur links past present and future, roots and shoots. 

In these indefinite and constantly changing times when we are continuously asked to adapt, creativity shows its vulnerability and strength as well, following a fluid and porous path, without definite borders and far from any idea of perfection. 

Faith and courage are the keywords and the forces to draw on to expand our horizons, thus pulverizing predetermined scenarios. 

We entrusted this suggestion, which results in live practice on stage, to three artists: Manfredi Perego with ”Giochi senza forme e allenamenti all’imprevisto”, Marta Ciappina with “Esercizi di consonanza” and Silvia Gribaudi with “Pratiche umane di incontri gioiosi”. Three performative acts, then, create “Al Momento. Schraffur” on music by Estelle Costanzo (harp) and Fritz Hauser (percussions). 

“Al Momento” is inspired by Fritz Hauser’s track “Schraffur” (Sgraffito), revisited for the first time for a harp and percussions line-up. ‘Sgraffito’ is a decorative technique achieved by applying layers coated in different colors one after the other. It becomes a metaphor for the successive layers of the performance which, by overlapping and hiding, reveal one another.

Thanks to the support of Teatro Stabile di Torino and of the City of Turin, the shooting took place at Fonderie Limone over two days of intense work from the dancers, musicians, technicians, collaborators, and the video makers RATAVÖLOIRA.

The Documentary Film is part of Piemonte dal Vivo’s program onLive – an online challenge accepted by the Foundation to try and knock down the boundaries between on-site and on-line, to go beyond the distancing imposed by the computer screen and continue making plans even in this difficult moment.



Music performed live by Estelle Costanzo (harp), Fritz Hauser (percussions)
Music by HauserAndre
Performative acts curated by
Manfredi Perego Giochi senza forme e allenamenti all’imprevisto
Marta Ciappina Esercizi di consonanza
Silvia Gribaudi Pratiche umane di incontri gioiosi
Balletto Teatro di Torino dancers:
Lisa Mariani, Alessandra Giacobbe, Nadja Guesewell, Viola Scaglione
Flavio Ferruzzi, Emanuele Piras, Calvin Rueth, Sebastien Kapps
Lighting Simona Gallo and Ornella Banfi
Sound technician Paolo Penna
Location Fonderie Limone


Co-production: Balletto Teatro di Torino e Rivolimusica
Documentary Film by RATAVÖLOIRA


Founder Loredana Furno
Artistic Direction Viola Scaglione
Project Manager Ewa Gleisner
Technical coordination Simona Gallo and Ornella Banfi
Organization Giulia Capra
Photographer Andrea Macchia
Media relations Veronica Pitea


Artwork – image for BTT’s 40 year anniversary – “ricerca_d_identità” by Gigi Piana
Design & comunication quattrolinee


Part of the artistic season SCENE / RETE RPA – Network for the Performing Arts: Rivolimusica (Istituto Musicale Città di Rivoli G. Balmas), Teatro Fassino di Avigliana (Revejo/City of Avigliana) and BTT – Balletto Teatro di Torino.
With the contribution of: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (Main sponsor), MiBACT – Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Regione Piemonte, Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte and Fondazione CRT.
Under the patronage of the City of Turin.
In collaboration with: Teatro Stabile di Torino.
The season SCENE 2020/2021 is possible thanks to the major support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, as part of the 2020 edition of the tender ”PerformingArts”.
With SCENE, Istituto Musicale Città di Rivoli G. Balmas in partnership with Teatro Fassino di Avigliana, Associazione Revejo and Balletto Teatro di Torino became part of PERFORMING +, a project for 2018-2020 promoted by Compagnia San Paolo and Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, with the collaboration of Osservatorio Culturale del Piemonte. The project aims at strengthening the skills of the community of non-profits working in live entertainment in the Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta regions.



Photo gallery: AL MOMENTO. Schraffur @Andrea Macchia