BTT School

The school was founded in 1960 with the aim of opening on our territory a serious study center that is distinguished from the amateur characters so widespread today. For over 50 years a team of qualified and constantly updated teachers has been pursuing the goal of spreading the culture of dance by starting young people to a serious and professional study of this discipline. Typical of our teaching are the continuous updating of the technique and the different methodological approaches organized in compliance with the different evolutionary phases of young dancers. The training programme of the first six years of study is not selective but open to all. We then move on to the Specialization courses, to which only the eligible elements selected by the Artistic Direction can access. In addition to the classic and the contemporary, it is planned to study step by step, repertoire, theory and history of dance. Among the many opportunities offered by the school there is also that of being able to attend the shows and rehearsals of the Compagnia del Balletto Teatro in Turin, thus stimulating the artistic growth of each of our students. Since 2014 in the spacious premises of Via Cigna, 5 which is its current headquarters.

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