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Training: IDEOGRAMS TRAINING – writing the moment’s desire.


Training: IDEOGRAMS TRAINING – writing the moment’s desire.


The training/workshop:

The physical process created for BTT is a training to transformation. I am interested in developing the ability to adapt, inhabit, and react to many different – and not always in logical succession – physical and interpretative demands.

What links these areas of dynamic diversity is the ability to concentrate deeply and, through such concentration, acquire new sensitivity to put at the service of each person’s expressive whole.

Building such depth, being interpretatively effective, includes taking the focus off the personal aesthetic judgment of our action. It means being in the moment and becoming a practical, surprising, communicative instrument.

For this reason, the day is divided into various moments that are structured to develop dynamics and situations, which sometimes are completely at odds with each other. 

We give space to the unexpected, and the ability to manage it, also through ‘Ideograms Pratika’ – a practice involving the use of objects. These exercises further allow the dancer to be free of the responsibilities of the aesthetic research, get to the root of the action, and let the body react following completely natural and efficient impulses.

This way, dynamics and reactions that would be difficult to encounter during ordinary experimentation emerge spontaneously.


Choreographic work:

Choreographing a work for BTT was the result of a spontaneous process that evolved over three years of being a coach for the Company.

Spontaneity is precisely what has characterized this collaboration.

‘Studio per Anemoi’ marked the beginning of this choreographic journey. Choreographing for a company with many elements has been a dream of mine. There are already future compositional curiosities projected on the Company.