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Continuous research


During its many years of activity, BTT – Balletto Teatro di Torino has successfully toured the world, bringing its passion with it, and boldly bringing together in its creative process seemingly distant entities, messengers of a mixture from which the company’s topicality draws takes vigour.
A chain of relationships, breaths, and dedications: BTT’s project activity is dense, compact, tending in unexpected directions. It welcomes the future, between human and social experiences, tirelessly practising the time of reciprocity and curiosity.
A constant training of the gaze towards the world, attentive to details and to the frame, which is wary of impositions and feeds on awakenings.
Many biographies for one collective story with the awareness of working alongside people who share fervour, vitality, and always renewed momentum.
An interweaving of natives and outsiders capable of stirring our waters, creating a community that flows, shapes, and constantly changes shape without ever losing sight of the context in which it operates.
We dance towards others, creating a rhythm where intimacy and distance alternate to generate vast landscapes, not a space of passage, but a common home where it’s possible to experiment and nurture thought, the way we perceive others and ourselves, and where the research with the artists who encounter our projects is not a search for consensus, but at a constant tension towards the risk connected to the unknown.
An inclination towards well-being and care.
The company’s indispensable production aspect is completed by embracing the distribution aspect of circulation, thus multiplying possibilities and places to build communities and to experiment.
BTT is a space for us, a space for those who surround us: a pulsating heart, creating new geographies, new bonds.
Expanding, towards new perspectives.
Attentively listening – always – in the world.





It is possible to book tickets by writing to the email or calling 011.4730189, or purchase them directly in the theater 1 hour before the start of the show.


full / €15
reduced* / €12
special reduced** / €9


*Under 26, over 65, University students in possession of ID, Abbonamento Musei Piemonte Valle D’Aosta e Abbonamento Musei Formula Extra, AIACE card
**Dance schools and industry professionals





Three evenings at the theater / 27€
Choose three evenings, we’ll give you one for free

At the theater in two / 18€
Choose one evening and give yourself a treat for two


It’s not possible to purchase a subscription on the evening of the show.

In case of purchasing a subscription, you can proceed with the balance by bank transfer, sending us an email and attaching the receipt of payment of the amount on the c.c. in the name of Balletto Teatro di Torino – INTESA SAN PAOLO \ IBAN: IT79C0306909606100000068418 \ BIC SWIFT: BCITITMM. Insert in the reason for payment the type of subscription chosen and the evening chosen (in the case of the subscription “In theater in two”)




Tel: 011 4730189


Cover photo ©Sara Meliti