Dove sei?

Choreography Laura Domingo Agüero

Choreography by Laura Domingo Agüero
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Music by Agustin Barrios Mangoré
Text by James Joyce
Costumes Stefania Fersini
Creation 2018
Length: 30’

DOVE SEI? is a creation by Cuban choreographer Laura Domingo Agüero for the BTT Balletto Teatro di Torino. It explores the meaning of identity from different perspectives, investigating the uniqueness and similarities of individuals within the age of media invasion: man and his addictions, control mechanisms, loss of intimacy, the meaning of now-ness and always-ness. The piece is inspired by ideas drawn from Dove sei? / Where are you?, An Ontology of the Cell Phone by Maurizio Ferrari, one of the most prominent Italian contemporary philosophers, based in Turin.

The piece was created in La Havana within the frame of the project Cubita by Italian dance critic Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino.

The work on physical and expressive research is also cross-contaminated by Cuban contemporary culture and dance, in the mixture of techniques and rhythms that represent the ecumenical sense of art and its interpreters. Dance is frame here not as an abstraction, but as informed by the kinetic and emotional relationship with the environment, creating movements that flow through as unrepeatable life experiences.

“engaging, full of vigour, rich with novelties and ancestral influences.”