Gestural research guided and curated by Doriana Crema

Le Sacre du Printemps – transcription for four-hand piano by Igor Stravinsky

Music performed live by pianists Gianmarco Moneti and Stefano Musso

Gestural research guided and curated by Doriana Crema

Dancers of BTT


Running time: 36’

In SACRE, the dancers of BTT navigate instant composition practices and improvisation scores in close relationship with the music. They free themselves from codified written choreographies to embrace open, fluid, ever-changing movement territories and continue along their artistic path in tight connection with live music.

Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps becomes the starting point to navigate the creative space of the body and rediscover the original quality of movement.

The dancers get in touch with and activate their inner space through energizing movement loops and incorporating the dynamics of live-performed music. The bodies entrust themselves to Stravinsky’s harmonic beats and destabilized percussions to generate a dance which – starting from a deep and individual connection – slowly but inexorably opens up to the sharing of the space defined by interpersonal proximity. This results in contaminations and resonances between music and dance aimed at weaving a rhythmic relational structure in a state of ‘impossible stasis.’ From this state arise subtle and present images of Nature’s infinite and invisible kinetic engines: waves and vibrations, growth and infiltration, separations and re-encounters.

The sounds do not follow the typical thematic developments, they do not establish unambiguous and straightforward lines of communication. They simply carry out their existence, being as they are, just as it happens in improvisation. Deconstructing and (re)constructing musical material through movement and body dramaturgy.