Coreography José Reches

Choreography José Reches
Dancers Noa Van Tichel and Luis Agorreta
Music Desh, Three Worlds, The Waves
Costume design José Reches
Co-production Balletto Teatro di Torino and AbanoDanza Festival
Premiere: 24 May 2024, Abano (PD) as part of Abano Danza Festival

Vermell means red in Catalan, my second language.
Red is the colour of fire, love, drama, power, strength, emotion, passion, blood, and lust. This colour drives the creative concept, it supports the vision and the narrative aspect of the choreography. The duet traverses different states of mind and movement.
It represents an encounter and the will to control the power of breath linked to the concept of “I have you”, “I control you”…
And yet, we never know who held hands first, who stripped layer by layer to reach the exit point. Encounters of touches and looks towards a future of love. Is love or lust the only reality? People do not always understand love in the same way. We catalogue, make distinctions, inhabit emotions, we live.
José Reches

“I know there are no equals in love; only slaves and masters, because even though they are the same, no one believes it. Two are the recommendations born from my experience that I would make to my oracles. One is that you cannot completely possess without being possessed completely, and the other is that destiny is what you do blindly. It is what you do without knowing and, when you know, it’s too late” – Antonio Gala