la compagnia


“I like to think that art, more than with creativity, has to do with transformation, in terms of pushing the boundaries of making art, using materials, changing their functions, transforming myself, people, and society. Creation ends, transformation evolves.” – G.P.

Gigi is a visual artist with experience in the installation, performance, and video fields.

Over the years, he has conducted his research and created his specific language by using transparent materials, red threads, writing, and minimal elements both in wall art and in – sometimes site-specific – performances and installations. Lately, his artistic research has revolved around Biella’s textile tradition. Intertwining, fabrics made of plastic materials (the planiferi cycle), and pictures printed on transparent acetate as his signature style. Parallel to this is his research on the world and its present and future geopolitical, economic, geo-climatic, and migratory changes through the realization of transparent methacrylate glass and mirror globes and hemispheres, on which borders are traced perpendicularly. Besides variations on the theme, in his photographic fabric, Gigi also deals with issues connected with identity in its many facets.

He lives and works between Turin and Biella.