Choreography by Simona Bertozzi

Debut December 10, 2022 Scenario Pubblico (Catania, IT)


Choreography Simona Bertozzi
Dancers Marta Ciappina and Viola Scaglione
Light design Simona Gallo
Voice editing Roberto Passuti
Costumes Born to be Reborn Lab
Words Marta Ciappina and Viola Scaglione
project realized in first phase with MilanOltre Festival
With the support of Lavanderia a Vapore, Centre for Dance residencies

Running Time 30′


When Marta and Viola asked me to create a duet for them, I understood immediately that my focus would have had to fall on the invisible weaving of complicity. Complicity – although still unknown to me – already dense and full of alliances in producing mystery.

A wishful trail. This was the subject towards which I felt our perspectives converge and starting from which I mapped out the stages relatively to practices and visions, destinations and memories while researching the necessary level of presence – at the same time definite and porous – in movement.

Trust, necessity, well-being.

Blurring time, closing the eyes, perceiving the origin. Ancestor.

These images fueled our imagination and allowed the development of shared phrasing, solitary actions, waiting, and opened breaches between presence and proximity, between what shows and what we are not allowed to see…

The work lands at the MilanOltre Festival in its earliest form of danced images, revealing the perspectives – still in progress – of two individuals whose presence, although vigilant each in their own way, is inclined towards the necessity of finding one another.