Choreographic game Alessio Maria Romano

BTT Dancers & Guests:

Lisa Mariani, Nadja Guesewell, Viola Scaglione, Flavio Ferruzzi, Luca Tomasoni

and Leonardo Castellani, Riccardo Micheletti and, playing the music, Chiara Dello Iacovo


Running time 50’


Love YOU

a place to practice a passion


“Love YOU” is a choreographic system, a place to practice a passion.

In a specific space – the Ring – and following certain rules, we practice a world of actions and reactions to movement, space, time, weight, and therefore to the other, creating a sort of Magic Box. Going up and down, entering and exiting, “Love YOU” becomes a game in which a movement grammar progressively evolves. From simplicity, Chaos erupts. There, the spectator can find singularity and perhaps fall in love or feel loved and therefore get lost. “Love YOU” is research, is our body, our dance. It is an encounter, an ideal world, the explosion of a desire.


Alessio Maria Romano meets Viola Scaglione and the BTT company through the project “Noi”. After visions, exchanges, words, laughter, and practices, Romano presents his work system “Love YOU” to the Company. It is a study that Romano researches, practices, and changes based on the groups, the places, and the contexts he comes across.