Coreography Andrea Costanzo Martini


Choreography by Andrea Costanzo Martini
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Light design Yoav Barel
Costumes Walter&Hamlet
Creation 2018
Length: 30’

Six guests. Six chairs. One voice.

With this work Andrea Costanzo Martini and BTT dancers plunge into an exploration of dancing euphoria, passing nonchalantly through known vocabularies such as ballet, ballroom dances, and traditional forms, whilst revisiting them with a particularly careful look at the instinctual aspect and intelligence of the moving body. Balera tells of a world of its own, that is governed by codes and rules rubbing against the sheer pleasure of movement. It is a world that is in many ways familiar, made up of encounters, looks, desire and passion and in which fatigue turns into lightness – reversing expectations and leaving room for absurdity and irony.

“New encounters are always filled with mixed feelings: fear, risk, playfulness and the excitement of discovery. If this is true on an emotional level, it is even more so in the body. As an artist my main interest is the encounter between language (verbal, choreographic and visual) and the reality of the human body.” [Andrea Costanzo Martini]

“physical, expressive, and plastic – codified yet born from instinctual improvisation.”