Coreography Ivgi&Greben

Choreography by Ivgi&Greben
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Music by Tom Parkinson
Light Design by Yaron Abulafia
Costumes by Ivgi&Greben
Creation: 2019 – World Premiere at Schrittmacher Festival in Herleen (the Netherlands)

DOCUMENT is an uncompromising work of dark beauty, choreographed by European duo Ivgi & Greben.

DOCUMENT is an intense slab of edgy, modern choreography. Set to a gloriously cacophonous soundtrack of finely modulated, relentless machine noise by Tom Parkinson.

Five core dancers twitch, shuffle and flail in and out of synchronicity, thrown together as a group, torn apart as individuals. Document suggests a grim dystopian future world of repetitive drudgery and subjugation as well as strongly evoking the everyday suffering of modern urban warfare. Repetition, obedience, punishment, subjugation, instability and dehumanisation are forensically examined.

“It’s wonderfully powerful, thought-provoking and exciting.”