Con Diviso

Coreography Yin Yue

Choreography by Yin Yue
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Light design Davide Rigodanza
Costumes VagaMè
Creation 2017
Length: 20’

Shanghai-born dancer and choreographer Yin Yue has proven to be an exceptional talent in recent years with both in New York and abroad. Her FoCo dance style, a blend of Chinese folk elements and contemporary, serves as the basis for sensual, highly aesthetic works that enthral and enchant in their flowing processes.
CON DIVISO speaks of the distinction between the things that separate us and the things that unite us, reflecting on the fact that what attracts us is often also what divides us. Yin Yue worked with BTT dancers using the FoCo technique and created this exciting piece for the stage.
The athletic bodies of the dancers are here immersed in this new language of movement that is deeply involved with the  by Giovanni Sollima, who returns within the BTT musical repertoire after the iconic company success of Caravaggio (2004) by Matteo Levaggi.

“a rapid composition, that requires a technical comprehension as well as mental and physical resistance.”