Kiss me hard before you go

Coreography Jose Reches

Choreography by Jose Reches
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Music by Aaron Martin, Emptyset, Andy Stott
Lights by Davide Rigodanza
Costumes by Maria Teresa Grilli Atelier
Creation: 2018
Length: 45’

KISS ME HARD BEFORE YOU GO addresses the issue of brain death. Although the theme may seem “heavy”, in reality this choreography speaks to us of what keeps us attached to life, in a constant questioning what is the borderline between what is present and what is to be let go. Going through a wonderful combination of fluid and dynamic duets, the bodies of the dancers travel with the body inside an existential reflection that is able to move and, at times, even to move.

Brain death is now sadly ordinary. People who suffer from this death often become organ donors. In passing these organs from one body to another, eyes, kidneys, lungs, heart .. they lose their name, their identity and are called “crystal numbers”. I believe that people can be donors already from the first breath of life, givers of their best and their worst, donors of causes and effects, of everything and nothing… And exactly in these perpetual giving we lose our names, our identity, our crystal number.

Jose Reches

“Highly emotional, turbulent, fluid, a sort of a catharsis between the ones who stay and the ones who go.”