Concept and choreography Mauro de Candia

By and with the dancers

Nadja Guesewell, Luca Tomasoni, 

Noa Van Tichel, Luis Agorreta

Light design Simona Gallo

Costumes Majatai

Dramaturgy Patricia Stöckemann

Commission Belgrade Dance Festival ( debut 5th april 2023)

Production support City of Barletta (IT)

In collaboration with Piemonte dal Vivo as part of the choreographic residency project Lavanderia a Vapore & Teatro Pubblico Pugliese – Regional Consortium for Arts and Culture

Running time 60′

The state of “limbo” between the real and the imaginary, between erotic fantasies and sober reality, described by Mallarmé in his poem L’après midi d’un faune, inspired Vaslav Nijinsky in the creation of the groundbreaking 1912 choreography of the same name. Since then, the theme has been artistically interpreted several times. Its fascination also inspired choreographer Mauro de Candia to explore and bring to the stage this half-animal-half-human figure. In his Faun*, he cautiously approaches the mysterious essence of this sensual creature of nature that covets reality in order to track down and release its dynamic power. It is the various bodily states and moods of the faun, its metamorphoses, that interest de Candia and which he explores. Is there not a faun in each of us? Is it not also an allegory of our time, in which bodies and their identities are reinvented and reexplored?

Faun*, commissioned by the Belgrade Dance Festival, is the first collaboration between Mauro de Candia and Balletto Teatro di Torino, an Italian company with a 40-year tradition of research on the dancing body, including choreographic experimentation and international collaborations. Alongside the choreographer, the artists themselves will contribute to the project with their different physicalities, artistic experiences and personalities, to broaden and deepen this look at the “human-animal” body with its sensual stimuli.


ph. Andrea Macchia