Gone Flowers

Choreography José Reches

Production Balletto Teatro di Torino
Choreography José Reches
Dancers Luca Tomasoni and Luis Agorreta
Music Borja Ramos, Marlene Dietrich
Costume design Majatai

“We are dwellers of the earth, it takes us years to harmonise our synchronicity amidst roots, earth and dreams to live out. Our flowers become one with the skin sewn onto our memory, a historical memory that holds us captive and keeps us from flying.
Over the earth, we stay. Beneath it, we listen.”
José Reches

So similar, and yet so different, the two interpreters intertwine like DNA strands. Two bodies, one breath.
The work develops and revolves around the concepts of contrast and confrontation. Time, movement and different physicalities constitute the scenic approach of Gone Flowers, an all-male duet where the presented movement quality meets the aesthetic of contradiction.