Coreography Jye Hwei Lin

Choreography by Jye Hwei Lin
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Music by Gyorgy Kurtag
Light Design by Davide Rigodanza
Set Design by Renata Sheppard
Costumes Hamlet
Creation 2017
Length: 25’

available with recorded music
or live music (grand piano)

Taiwanese artist Jye Hwei Lin addresses the issue of the individual’s relationship within a larger system by number, of the dichotomy that arises between individual and group work.

The dancers, dressed in black and glitter, construct, destroy and transform tableau vivants that are moving and in motion, lending themselves to ironic and ambiguous interactions. As the title I LOVE YOU, BUT… suggests, the theme of Relating to Otherness  is here scrutinised, tested, rediscovered.

The bodies inhabit the music by Gyorgy Kurtag with great nonchalance, flirting with the public and playing between exhibitionism and biographical vulnerability, within a subtle, refined and elegant choreographic score.

“a captivating dance piece in which irony and truth overlap beautifully.”