My inner space

Musica eseguita dal vivo da Julia Kent

Rete RPA - Rete per le performing arts Coproduzione Balletto Teatro di Torino / Scene _RIVOLIMUSICA


Music: Julia Kent
Lights: Gustavo Boetti
Choreography by BTT Balletto Teatro di Torino dancers (7 dancers)
Installation sculpture by Fabio Perino
Duration: 50 minutes


The show is available with live music performance, as well as with recorded music.

MY INNER SPACE is a choreographic creation for 7 dancers on music by Julia Kent, experimental cello player and a.o. collaborator of Antony and the Johnsons (2005-2009). Starting from her solo album Temporal, Kent offers BTT a selection of refined and seductive melodic tracks, including the track Last Hour Story: a crescendo of string sounds that blends Max Richter-like cinematic quality with post-rock grounding energy.

With MY INNER SPACE, BTT dancers continue their collaborative choreographic journey on live music, authoring the choreography themselves.

The dancers perceive and activate their inner space through energising movement loops and an incorporation of the musical dynamics played by Julia Kent. The bodies rely on harmonic beats and destabilized percussions that intertwine with cleverly transfigured human voices, to generate a dance that starts from individual depths and opens up slowly but inevitably to a sharing of interpersonal spatial proximity. This produces contaminations and resonances building up to a relational rhythmic texture in a state of “impossible stasis”, leading to imaginative suggestions of the infinite kinetic engines of Nature: waves and vibrations, growths and infiltrations, separations and reconnections.

In the final section of the piece, the installation by light artist Fabio Perino creates a luminous membrane that borders one of the dancers from the rest of the group, making even more evident how the search for the boundaries of one’s MY INNER SPACE inevitably remains an existential question in the making, rather than a separatist and rejecting delineation of otherness.