PLAY_BACH divertissement


Choreography Manfredi Perego

Dancers Lisa Mariani, Flavio Ferruzzi, Luca Tomasoni, Nadja Guesewell, Viola Scaglione

Music J.S. Bach performed live by Janine Bratu

Costumes Majatai

In collaboration with Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi” (Turin)

Running time 30′

PLAY_BACH divertissement

“The choreographic challenge is to give visual and dynamic concreteness to the emotion that each note expresses, capturing the nuances of Bach’s music by translating into dance the process of emotional analysis starting from what the musical score suggests. The violence and the sweetness that arise from the sounds vibrations must have a physical correspondence, creating dances crossing new carnal frequencies.
The project starts from the need to challenge classical musical scores, never before tackled, in order to discover new approaches to choreography and open up to new dynamic visions. The Bach studies will be a gymnasium for choreography, a changing choreographic place that never ends its evolution. The live music sews the dancer’s epidermis to the place, taking him to another level of interpretation and listening. At the same time, the air moved by the bodies impacts on the musicians, making the action of the dance on the instrument tangible. Reactions and changing physical-emotional exchange.” – Manfredi Perego

ph. Andrea Macchia