Poetic synthesis of Anemoi

Choreography Manfredi Perego

Dancer Nadja Guesewell

Music Paolo Codognola

Costumes Majatai

Co-production Associazione Culturale Fattoria Vittadini

Running time 13′

Studio per Aliseo

Debut 26 luglio 2023
Vapore d’Estate Festival Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

Aliseo is a constant, regular wind, like the desire to explore and dance. Wind is energy, it needs places, intentions, sometimes chaos in order to let its power emerge with all its intensities. Intensities are drawings of transformations. They modify what the body acts by changing the landscape, just like the intensity of the wind.
Wind is mythical, it is practical, it is catharsis. The wind destroys or transports, the wind is an invisible character with visible results. Aliseo is a journey of transformation, without beginning, without end.

Manfredi Perego

Ph. Andrea Macchia