Choreography Ella Rothschild


Choreography by Ella Rothschild
Dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (6 dancers)
Light design Yoav Barel
Costumes Walter&Hamlet
Creation 2018
Length: 30’

Israeli choreographer Ella Rothschild creates TIMELINE for BTT Dance Company. Ella is an active dancer and choreographer in the Tel-Aviv scene and worked with Israel’s most prominent companies as a creator and dancer, such as Batsheva Dance Company and Crystal Pite.

The piece deals with how individuals respond to social conventions, and their similarities and differences. Due to their diverse backgrounds and upbringings, the performers are able to investigate perceptions of social conventions in various cultures by means of dance. The piece lingers on the less comfortable moments that people may experience in their lifetime, and blurs the lines between what is right and what is wrong. In this process, Ella Rothschild created closely with the dancers a collage of images that depict the existential elements of a community: joy, competitiveness, grief, imitations, despair, death, madness, yearning sadness, anxiety, fear, curiosity.

Using her own unique artistic language, which combines detailed movement vocabulary and heightened theatrical humor, Ella explores the personalities and the relationships in the group and creates one big wonderful, grim world, lighthearted and yet very profound.

“Humorously dark. Very humorous and very dark.”