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Federica Magliano

Federica was born in Rivoli (Turin Province) on 02.23.1973 and has lived in Turin since 1997.  She got a degree in Physiotherapy in June 1996 and Osteopathy in 2002. She practices the profession in Turin.

She started playing the Celtic harp in May 2010, attending two cycles of courses taught by Enrico Euron and Anne-Gaelle Cuiff in Pinerolo and Turin.

In 2013 and 2014, she attended the Celtic harp master held during the Celtic harp festival “BardonecchiArp.”

In the Autumn of 2014, Federica attended a cycle of Jazz harp courses taught by Marcella Carboni at Atelier Salvi in Milan. During this period, she also started taking private lessons with Ludwig Conistabile – a professional harpist and teacher at the Musicoterapia Arpamagica School in Milan.

Since 2015, she has been attending a master’s in harp therapy – sound relaxation techniques and storytelling on sonorous landscapes techniques – conceived and lead by Ludwig Conistabile at the Musicoterapia Arpamagica School in Milan.

From October to December 2015, Federica attended a songwriting course taught by Federico Sirianni at the Holden School in Turin. She has been performing in different formats and various places – clubs, squares, courtyards.

In March 2016, she participated in a contest in Turin and met poet Valentina Perucca, together with whom she started a collaboration and created the format “Arpoesia.”

She entered the contest “San Salvario District – fashion moda e design” and won the best performance award with painter Claudio Bellino and dancer Viola Scaglione. With Claudio Bellino, she also participated in the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto from July 8 to 10, 2016.

In September 2016, she participated in a contest in Turin, in the event “Marinai: Leggende e Capitani” at Palazzo Tursi (Genoa) with Igor Chierici and other musicians on the occasion of Genoa’s “Salone Nautico,” and – as a soloist – in the concert “Concerto in Quota,” organized on Mount Tobbio by the association MyTrekking in Genoa.

In the Autumn-Winter of 2016, she performed in clubs and squares both as a soloist and in collaboration with various artists.

In May 2017, she started collaborating with Balletto Teatro di Torino for the piece “Concept #1,” which they performed during the summer and BTT’s 2017-2018 season.

In July 2017, Federica participated in the Experimental Film Virginia. For that occasion, she performed live as a soloist, and with the BTT dancers in “Concept #1,” she featured as an extra in Matthew Jones’s short-film “When You Leave” and composed its soundtrack.

Since August 2018, she has been a cast member in the theatrical show “La Leggenda di Moby Dick” (directed by Igor Chierici and Luca Cicolella), sponsored by the City of Genoa and Fondazione Garaventa (Genoa).